Here's a maze trod indeed, through forth-rights and meanders!  
The Tempest

I design gardens with a theatrical celebratory sense of place. Designs are built on formal principles of sacred geometry and iconic imagery imbued with a sense of playfulness, contemplation, discovery, surprise and sanctuary.

I have a keen interest in labyrinths; their design, symbolism and ancient roots. My designs are sometimes formal, permanent (raised banks, stone paths, cobbles) or ephemeral (fire, mowed grass, sand)

Racing Labyrinth (or processional labyrinth)
I have recently designed double entry labyrinths. These have produced a whole knew sport and have become increasingly popular (see CV)

Here are the Rules:
2 runners - one at each entrance.
On “Go” race off in opposite directions and follow your path and race for the centre. Both ways are exactly the same distance and at some point you’ll cross each other and the beauty is no one knows who’s winning till the very last moment. Distance to the centre one third of a mile!
2 relay teams - as above.
When your runner reaches the centre, then the next runner in your team hits the track.
Walking, unicycling or piggy back racing, lantern or wedding processions are also allowed!

They are very good for sports training where agility and balance are required.

Videos:  Mown Racing Labyrinth


Walking the Milk Way

For the magical nighttime romantic experience.
I now offer Labyrinths illuminated like the Milky Way with 4000 solar powered fairy lights.

Cobble Mosaics
Often a feature of my garden work and design.

Penpont Green Man Millennium Maze – a celebration of the Spirit, Magic and renewal in Nature
Commissioned by Gavin and Davina Hogg of Penpont

Designed over an underlying grid of sacred geometry it will take you on a journey along it’s beech and yew lined paths passing pools, secret gardens, banks of scented lavender, sculptured benches, tunnels, fountains, an inner labyrinth, cobble mosaics, topiary figures and onwards to the wishing stone at it’s centre.
The biggest image of the Green Man in the world.

“This maze is extraordinary” Anna Pavord, The Independent

Garden Sculpture see Sculpture

Maze and Labyrinth Workshops:
Include - hands on land or beach art (if out in the wild outdoors), masks, minotuars, storytelling, design, games and celebration.

Suitable for groups and schools.

Enquiries / commissions welcome

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